The new version of Android, which is called Oreo, was officially released this week and with it several new features were introduced in order to make the mobile experience more reliable and stable. One of these features is called background execution limits: when an app is not actively being used, the operational system automatically limits the amount of processes it is performing in the background.

By limiting the amount of processes an idle app can perform, users will experience longer battery life, faster performance, and less demand on the system. The device will run more smoothly overall, which is great for those who do a lot of gaming, watch videos and listen to music – sometimes all of these at the same time.

The Android Oreo update is rolling out in batches this week, so keep an eye on notifications on your device in order to start the download and installation as soon as it is made available. In order to check out more features coming with Oreo, check out the OS official website.

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