Apple has purchased the music recognition service Shazam in a deal of roughly $400 million, according to sources of the website TechCrunch. Sources also confirmed that the conversations between the two companies went on for five months, until both came to an agreement. Apple provided TechCrunch wih a statement, saying that the company is “thrilled that Shazam and its talented team will be joining Apple”.

Shazam is one of the most popular apps on the App Store and its most important feature relies on music recognition: you can have the app “listen” to a song and the app will show you the artist, song name and album name, and it also redirects you to either Apple Music or Spotify, where you can listen to the song and/or purchase it. According to TechCrunch, Apple Music and Spotify toegther get around 1 million referrals every month through Shazam.

Apple has not revealed how Shazam or its capabilities will be integrated into Apple Music, or if the app will continue to stand on its own.

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