The tech security company Armis published today a report that gives details about a new malware hack that silently spreads through Bluetooth. Dubbed BlueBorne, the malware can basically connect to any device whose Bluetooth capabilities are enabled, and pretend to be another device. The user has no way to know his or her device was infected, and that it is spreading the malware to other devices in its range.

Armis has affirmed that any device running iOS 10 is immune to BlueBorne, and that Microsoft released a security patch that fixes the issue back in July. However, Android devices (except the Pixel Phone – which has received a patch as well) are vulnerable to the threat.  Google has already requested manufacturers to release security updates for their devices, however it might take a while in order for all devices to receive the updates.

The best way to avoid being targeted by BlueBorne is to keep your device always updated, and while your device does not receive a security update, turn off Bluetooth and do not turn it on unless absolutely necessary.

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